simple jewels for complicated girls

* bringing you this loveliness since 2001 *

Special thanks to all who had a hand in making this site a living, breathing, delightful reality.  

Starring: Cesar Aragón, illustration/collage

Daniel Cavazos, bamboo dreamscape photos

Alberto Martinez, model shots + product shots

Alberto Calva, model shots + product shots

Eddie Montayes, product shots

Fernando Muñoz, product shots

Alejandro Osma, product shots

models: Tesla Ramos, Carla Lañas, Alejandra Toledo, Lydia Min, Julia Pilant, Jenna Bixler

bob weaver, my teacher in austin, whose patience and calm demeanor help jewelry-making become an utterly pleasant pursuit even when it sometimes threatens to be frustrating


the many customers who have helped to make pio a reality since 2001 

my loving family, mom, dad, suzanne, salim & aaron & my grandparents, especially grandma dori whose voracious appetite for jewelry was a gigantic influence on my own path

and el gran boli... gato maravilloso de leyenda y de mi corazón

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