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Q: Can I make you a mixtape?

A. Sure! We love mixes. Highly recommend  8tracks.com

Q: What are your favorite techniques for making jewelry?

A: One of the preferred Pio techniques of jewelry making and featured in the abundance necklace in the shop, cuttlefish casting involves sawing a cuttlefish bone in half, sanding it smooth, carving into it (it's extremely soft), and then taping the two sides together and pouring molten metal into it. The metal has a really gorgeous, woodgrain-ish texture that lends itself to all sorts of designs involving organic shapes. 


Q: ¿Se habla español? 

A: ¡A huevo! Escríbeme a rachel@pioplayground si tienes dudas, preguntas o sólo quieres chulear alguna joya que has visto aquí. 

Q: Can you make me an engagement ring, or wedding bands?





Q: What's the deal with shipping? 





A: Sure can. Just email rachel@pioplayground.com and let us know what you have in mind, and we'll get the process started for you, which will involve coming up with a design that you're THRILLED about, creating the rings, and sending them off via secure mail (please allow 1-2 months' lead time for these special projects).


 A: In general, it'll take 1-2 weeks for me to make the piece you order. But if you are in a special hurry or have a certain occasion you're trying to get a gift in time for (and I understand the urgency of certain situations, believe me!), I can occasionally accommodate rush needs. If you do want me to try and rush something to you, please let me know by emailing rachel@pioplayground.com. Thanks! 

Flat rate shipping is $5, no matter where. Unless it's a rush order, in which case we'll determine cost based on your needs.  


Thanks for stopping by. You obviously have great taste in jewelry!