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Cuttlefish casting - for the process gawkers!

I did a cuttlefish casting tonight, one of my favorite techniques in jewelry-making.

It's a super primitive form of casting. you take a cuttlebone (which you can purchase at a pet supply store -- they're what pet birds have in their cages to get extra calcium; or through a jewelers' supply place). They're perfect for jewelry-making as they're super easy to carve into, and they withstand high temperatures, so you can pour your molten metal right in without destroying your 'mold' (though the smell does offend some). 

Posting some photos of the process. Since the ring is a custom order and I haven't finished yet, I don't yet want to post photos of the end result. But this way you'll be kept in suspense 'til I do... (Click on the photo to get to the next one and you'll be taken through a series that 'explains' the process of cuttlefish casting! If you'd like more detailed info about this process, check out this article on Ganoksin or this YouTube video.)

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